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Adversity in Football and in Life

When I was 10 years old, I wanted to play football and I joined a club. My friends suggested I should be a goalkeeper because they thought I had the skills and the team only had one who apparently did not stand out. However, in the first practice, I chose to play as a defender, which led to a resounding "No!" from my friends. I wanted to be number two, a position already held by the team's captain, an irreplaceable player.

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Expectations for a Junior Football Journey

A child dribbles the ball and breaks the opponent’s defence and now he/she is in front of the goalkeeper and has to resolve the situation in a few milliseconds.

The player misses. Is it bad?. The player scores. Is it good?.

There are countless situations like this in a game like a football. Situations that not only belong to the game itself but also about the relationship with teammates, adversity, and authority, just to mention a few.

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