About Football Notes

Roberto playing football

Football Notes is a collection of comments and thoughts about my journey in amateur football as a master player and junior coach.

I play for BNU’s Master Team The Brooklyn Pints and I contribute as a volunteer coach at Brooklyn Northern United Junior Football Club in Wellington, New Zealand.

I am a board member of BNUJFC where I champion Brooklyn’s Got Talent and The Goal of the Weekend initiatives.

Why a blog?

   Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is. Johan Cruyff

Football is not only a beautiful game but also is a collective construction. Although anyone can dribble the ball and just run and try to score, I prefer possession football, which requires a commonly shared idea of the game and a lot of communication.

After many conversations and emails in different teams, I found that I was repeating myself in different contexts and the conversations just kept there.

So, Football Notes is about sharing ideas and inviting you to share your thoughts about them. I don’t expect you to agree with everything here, and if by chance you disagree with anything, please don’t keep your thoughts for yourself and use the comments.

I hope you enjoy the entries as much as we enjoy the game.

Roberto junior coach


The opinions written here are my own and do not represent the organizations I am affiliated with.